Acupressure is, like acupuncture, an ancient treatment modality, but gentle and non-invasive. Still, it can have a strong impact on your pet's health.

See below a few of the many benefits of acupressure:

  • Relaxation and release of muscle spasms
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Pain relief due to release of endorphines
  • Reduce swellings due to release of the body's own cortisone
  • Increase blood supply and help to remove toxins
  • Recover easier from injuries or after surgery
  • and much more

Learn to apply this ancient healing art and join today !

This online course is structured into different modules, where you will get detailed instructions about the point locations and the different techniques on stimulating acu-points with no more than your hands and fingers.

With your monthly subscription to this membership site you will get access to the course, starting with the basics in the first module, then getting weekly updates which will give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace without becoming overwhelmed.

You are encouraged to note down your progress within your user interface, so you can always go back to previous lessons and oversee your own notes and observations.


Join here and connect in a very different way to your pet !



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