When Did You Last Spend Relaxing Quality Time With Your Pet ?


When you touch and stroke over the fur of your pet you will notice how well this is been received by your furry companion.


How would you feel, if you could knowingly pat and treat your pet at the same time, helping them to feel healthy and happy?


And wouldn't it be great, if you were able to notice if something wasn't right with your pet in a very early stage, preventing more serious health problems from establishing in your pet's body system alltogether?


Fact is many vets do encourage their clients to not waiting too long to seek veterinary help for their pets to avoid more serious medical problems and complications.


The good news is, you can learn to connect with your pet in a very effective way that will deepen the relationship between you and your pet and teach you to notice and understand signs of beginning problems better.


You will start communicating with your pet on a level without words: through the healing touch of acupressure!


Acupressure will enable you to observe your pet a lot more consciously and lets you develop a sense to detect health problems of your pet in a very early stage.


This course has been created by veterinarian Dr Ellen Schmidt, owner of PinPoint Veterinary Acupuncture in Scotland, UK, for pet owners and acupuncture clients who want to take communicating and helping their pets onto a different level.


  • During this course you will follow simple instructions on how to practice and apply acupressure techniques on your pet and get a solid theoretic understanding about this gentle, but powerful treatment.

  • Go through the different modules at your own pace and enjoy the quality time yo will spend with your pet.

  • The course material will be released on a weekly base, so you won't feel overwhelmed when you go through each training module.

  • Inside awaits you a variety of text files and articles, graphics, audios and images and downloadable worksheets. All this will help to turn this course into an exciting learning experience and can serve as a reference you can always come back to whenever you feel you need to.

  • Complete simple weekly assignments, write down and save your own notes, remarks and questions within your private space in the members area, so you can track your own progress easily!

"... at a certain point in time Sparky decided she needed a little treatment and she came and sat by my side asking for one. She seemed to enjoy it more than the previous ones I had done and moved about in an appropriate fashion to let me reach all the bits I needed to do. As she was so nice and relaxed and ready to go, I did not follow the rules of somewhere quiet and undisturbed. The other dogs were in the room and the funny thing is that Bonnie, who is a very sensitive dog and normally quite lively, came and sort of joined in the sharing of energy. Sparky was quite happy about it. I could't work out was Bonnie helping treat Sparky, or just freeloading off the treatment!"

Susan R. with Sparky, UK

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P.S.: Give your pet the best gift you can: Health and Happiness in a stressfree, relaxing way!

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